Pioneer DVD silencer


Pioneer DVDs are very good - everyone knows that. They are both performant and error-tolerant. This performance comes with a price though - at high speeds the drives can be quite noisy while reading CDs. So, if you are watching videos from CD discs under Linux, you will certainly appreciate my program. It allows you to set the quiet mode of the drive (both permanently and temporarily - that is until next reboot). Of course you can also use it to change the drive back to performance mode.

Users of Windows programs have such program already (binary-only, but works with wine) - it's been written by some Japanese engineer working for Pioneer. Pioneer never released any specifications for the commands used to set the drive mode.

The program has also some other features - it allows you to set audio extraction speed etc. Just use -h switch to find out.

Below, you will find two program versions - one for 2.4 kernel and one for 2.6 kernel

I've used this program for over two years now with Pioneer DVD-106 and DVD-106S (slot version). I know that you can use it with other Pioneer versions too.


Download, unpack, run make and your binary should ready.

Note that starting with Linux kernel you will need to make the binary SUID root or run it as root!


ModeControl for Linux 2.6 - this is the one you probably want
ModeControl for Linux 2.4
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